Eat, drink and enjoy


Bleijenbeek pavilijoen is located at the edge of Landgoed Bleijenbeek in Afferden. A beautiful, spacious, open restaurant with a great terrace that gives you a fantastic view of the estate.

You are always welcome to enjoy the view, a delicious lunch, snacks, dinner or even a drink in our restaurant. In summer, we offer an extensive three course menu, fitting the season. If you have less time and would like to eat something small, you can choose one of our day dishes or plate dishes. In the winter (November through March), we have a multitude of lunches, drinks, specials and plate dishes on offer.

The restaurant is also available as party location for both large and small groups. Together with our kitchen team, we can prepare a party for you, including a buffet, a specially designed menu or various snacks.

Our restaurant’s opening hours vary over the course of the year. Check this page for current opening hours

Sports and food

Of course you can choose to finish your day at the golf course by having a nice bite to eat with your fellow players in our restaurant. A dinner in the restaurant is just that little extra spice and is the cherry on top of a fun day. A day of ‘playing golf and eating’ is easily combined thanks to the various offers we have at Landgoed Bleijenbeek.

You can also enjoy a lunch at the restaurant before heading off to the golf course. If you have a little less time, we can make a lunch packet for you to take with you, so you can eat while playing golf.


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