Learning to play golf at Landgoed Bleijenbeek

Youths are always allowed to follow a class, together with their parents/guardians or alone!

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Learning to play golf in a lesson package

Together with your mother or father, children are free.

If you have a lesson package as a parent/guardian, then 1 child can participate with this package per parent/guardian. Every following child pays half the rate for the lesson package. Along with following a lesson package, a child may also become a member.

Learning to play golf with private lessons

If your child would like to follow a number of private lessons then you can use the reduced rates for youths. The rates for this are €15.00 per half hour of lessons. A maximum of 2 children can participate in the lesson.

You can reserve lessons via the online lesson schedule.

Alle banen zijn geopend. Hole 12 op de Championship Course wintergreen.

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