Our golf professionals

Arno Hofstede

During my time as a football player, I was infected with the golf virus. I was a member of Golf club Welderen, where I played many tournaments and competitions.  I followed a golf professional course in 2005 and completed PGA, B and A. I am also TPI level 1 certified.

For the past 12 years, I have worked at Landgoed Welderen en Landgoed Bleijenbeek.

My challenge is to get the best out of my students as much as physically possible. The goal is to have fun and keep having fun with golf. I’d love to see you soon on the golf course!

Kyan Bosch

At the age of twelve, I was introduced to golf and have played it happily ever since. I had thoughts about becoming a physiotherapist, but after following the course for about nine months, I realised that I belong on the golf course. In 2011, I started doing the course to become a golf professional B.

I have worked at Bleijenbeek Estate since January 2017 and I teach golf lessons with a lot of enthusiasm. My vision is that not everyone has the same physical capabilities, but that there is a golf swing for everyone. I am going to help you find the golf swing that suits you, because we can’t rubber-stamp everyone.

Come to the golf course and I would be happy to meet you!

Vanaf vandaag mag de trap naar het restaurant niet gebruikt worden. Je kunt nu via het terras naar binnen te lopen.

Vanaf dinsdag 25 februari is het restaurant voor een paar dagen gesloten wegens onderhoud. De vergaderzaal wordt dan weer zo ingericht dat je daar wel gebruik kunt maken van een drankje of lunch. We verwachten het restaurant in het weekend weer te openen. 

Alle banen zijn tot nader order gesloten.

Alvast bedankt voor je begrip.