For the fun of it

Learning in a group is better than learning alone

We’re glad to see that you are interested to learn how to play (better) golf. We are a huge fan of groupslessons because that gives you the oppertunity to not only learn from the golfprofessional, but also from other players. You will also learn to know other golfers which might be interesting for your social circle.

  1. Course permit –  learn how to play on the Championchip Course
  2. Get your handicap 54
  3. Improve your handicap – from 54 to 36
  4. Improve your handicap – from 36 to 20
  5. Improve your handicap – to 20 and lower


You can join the grouplessons whenever you want. Feel free to book through our receptiondesk.

Nieuwe openingstijden/ heropening terras!

De receptie is geopend van 8.00-16.00uur 

Het terras en de keuken zijn geopend van 12.00-18.00uur 

Na 18.00uur zijn er nog take away mogelijkheden voor een drankje

De lockers zijn geopend van 7.00 tot 21.00 uur