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Looking for a meeting location?

At Landgoed Bleijenbeek you have access to two conference rooms with the necessary facilities, such as projectors, writing utensils and parking spaces. Landgoed Bleijenbeek offers a carefree, inspiring atmosphere in a green area, where you can work on and discuss your ideas with your colleagues.

Conference rooms

Landgoed Bleijenbeek has a large conference room that can be split into two conference rooms. The Martin Cuypers Conference Room is a complete conference room with a private terrace, which can house up to 60 people. The conference room is spacious, has a projector, large tables and comfortable chairs. Of course you have the option of coffee, tea or juices as refreshments during your meeting.


Our restaurant has enough space for 200 people. In the restaurant, we can section off a part for you, so you can organise a workshop or meeting with a comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, we have plenty of options to supplement you and your business entourage’s stay with a lunch, dinner, drinks or even a company party.

The restaurant is a relaxing space with a view over Landgoed Bleijenbeek and its natural surroundings.

Business and leisure

Combining business and leisure has many advantages, and we like to facilitate that at Landgoed Bleijenbeek. Of course, you can combine a visit to one of our conference rooms with a business lunch, dinner, drinks or a golf package. We can provide your lunch or dinner in the conference room, so you can continue your discussion, or you can have a seat afterwards in our restaurant or on the terrace.

Perhaps you would like to end your meeting with a special restaurant visit. A perfect chance to network and to speak to your colleagues and partners in a relaxed fashion. Together with the kitchen team, you can opt for a buffet, make a selection of snack platters or serve an extensive menu.

Additionally, you can pair your visit with a trip to the golf course. So we can organise a clinic, a golf day, a golf lesson or a golf package for you.

The possibilities are endless! Of course, you can always ask about options or by calling at 0485-530084.

Prices Martin Cuypers meetingroomPrices
Room 1 max. 60 persons
Daypart€ 135,00 (exl. 21% BTW)
Entire day€ 240,00 (exl. 21% BTW)
Room 2 max. 15 persons
Daypart€ 65,00 (exl. 21% BTW)
Entire day€ 105,00 (exl. 21% BTW)
Coffee-arrangement 4 hours*€ 12,00 p.p.
Coffee-arrangement 8 hours*€ 20,00 p.p.
Bottle of mineral water€ 5,50
Lunch from€ 12,50
Audiovisual means
Beamer (excl. laptop)€ 37,50 (exl. 21% BTW)
Projection screenPresent

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