Private lessons

With Golfschool Limburg

Enjoy our private golflessons with personal attention from one of our golfprofessionals.

Private lessons with Golfschool Limburg

The best thing about private lessons is that you always get the full attention of our golfprofessionals and that you can book a lesson at a prefered time – any time in the week with a golfprofessional that you prefer.

Do you have a specific skill or tecnique in mind that you want to work on? No problem! Maybe a private lesson of 30 minutes or one hour will do. However, if you want to practice more often and really comit to golf you can also choose for multiple lessoncards.


An hour with one or two persons: € 65,-
6 lessons from an hour: 5% discount on the prices
10 lessons from an hour: 10% discount on the prices

During your lesson you can make use of the golfballs and golfclubs for free. On the day of your lesson you can also use the practice facilities for free, so you can practice after or before your lesson.

For booking a lesson you can contact our receptiondesk.